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Hand Tied Bouquet

Hand Tied Bouquet

(imagine taken of an October bouquet)


Freshly picked flowers, conditioned, prepared and carefully arranged for a seasonal bouquet that's ready to pop straight into your vase or vessel of choice.

Wrapped in recycled and compostable paper, tied with a raffia bow and your message hand written straight onto the paper! 

Add any preferred colour scheme and we'll do our best to pick the flowers that suit your requests. 

  • Care Tips

    Flowers are at their best when no bacteria or air bubbles get into the stems. We do everything our end to make sure the stems are in their prime before we pass them on to you.  Here's a few easy steps to do at home to continue their best vase life. 

    Have a clean vessel ready with fresh water in, just before you place your flowers in, snip the ends a couple of centimeters with a clean, sharp pair of scissors or secateurs.  Even better snip them underneath the water to ensure no air pockets! 

    Make sure only the stems are submerged in water a few inches. Remove any foliage below the waterline

    Keep the water clean and topped up. Don't let them dry out! - If this happens and the flowers begin to wilt before their natural life span, snip the ends and place in warm water 

Price Options
One-time purchase
Friday Flower Club
£22.00every week until canceled
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