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Keeping It Natural..


Hello! I'm Francesca & here in the Orchard Garden we grow our own supply of selected flowers.

We hand pick the freshest blooms to create romantically wild, garden inspired arrangements for you. 


We're all about sustainable & environmentally friendly floristry. That means we don't use any harsh chemicals to grow the flowers so the wildlife can enjoy them as much as you; you won't be sniffing chemicals just wonderful floral scents! If you see a nibble on your leaf it's a good sign! 

We don't import flowers from overseas to lessen our carbon footprint, they're all from the garden or (if occasionally we need a few extra stems) we source them from some flowery friends as locally as possible.

We also don't like plastic (unless it's recycled & reused) so no floral foam here; all designs are crafted, wrapped & arranged using natural, biodegradable or reusable materials.

We want our flowers to connect you to the beauty of nature without damaging it!

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